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  1. Yes with BluRay or DVD's. It playes for a long while then just blacks out and resumes and then blacks out again. I am in the process of updating my firmware.
  2. Thanks for responding.... the issue is still there. The signal path is...... Sony BluRay to Denon Receiver to Panasonic Plasma TV. I thought it was gone and it happened again last night watching some MP4 videos on the USB via pin drive. Will try your bypass method this weekend. So you think firmware would effect something like this? I will go to Denon's site and check if I have the latest version. This is very frustrating! We JUST bought the new Denon receiver too. Thanks again!
  3. Can anyone tell me about HDMI cables. We have been experiencing video "Blanking out" for a few seconds and then coming on again..... during that time, the audio was still going. It was also doing this with our pin drives via USB on the Sony BluRay. Denon Reciever, Panasonic Flat Screen TV and Sony BluRay player. I have experimented with (2) of my Sony BluRay Decks and they both did it. The last thing I tried is turning all of the power off to all the components and unplugging the HDMI cables from the Denon Reciever to the Panasonic Flat screen and it seems to have taken care of the problem. My Question is: IS there a sequence you need to perform when plugging in and unplugging ANY HDMI cable? I think I read somewhere that you do need to power OFF all components THEN plug and unplug any of the HDMI cables THEN power up all the components...... Has anyone heard of this? Plus.... Does ANY HDMI cable work with these components or are there special cables to correctly work here? Also, do HDMI cables go bad? The bad design flaw IMHO is that they do not lock into the component they just kind of hang there. Thanks!