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  1. My wife have given the go ahead on a sound system for my office at home. I invision this as a more traditional type of component system, ie. receiver, amp, speakers but I'm wondering if I should incorporate my computer as well. I use a PC for graphic work and I always build these myself about every 2 years. I just wonder if I should consider incorporating a computer to control a sound system.While I build the computer myself, I have limited experience with the audio side of things. In the past I would buy a better sound card like a Claro and then use M-Audio studio monitors. Currently the BX8 D2 monitors which are defintely loud enough to make your ears bleed. Make no mistake though; they just don't sound like traditional hi fi speakers. I want to create a system that I could never afford when I was younger. I remember back in the late 70's, early 80's, hearing systems in audio specialty stores that just took my breath away. You didn't just hear the music but you also felt the music. Not just based on loudnes alone but also fine tuned base that you could feel against your chest. So many people use headphones nowadays but headphones can never do what a great hifi system can do. I mean, I use headphones when the wife won't tolerate Led Zepplin blarring through the house but I prefer hearing it through speakers when I can. I know that's a lot of information but getting back to the main question, can I or should I use a computer to work with a high end system or should the system be completely separate? Budget for the sytem is roughly $5K. I haven't even begun to decide brands or anything. I thought before I did anything I might get this computer question out of the way first.