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  1. Normally power line noise won't be induced onto the Cat5 due to the twisted construction and the Common Mode Noise Reduction on the I/O portions of the Cat5 connections (be it baluns or hardware interfaces). I would try and troubleshoot further to insure the noise isn't coming from something else...
  2. Does the receiver have a tape loop or a pre/power amp set of RCA's with jumpers? I if you have either, that is normally how you insert a EQ...
  3. 6 1/2" Woofers- Dayton DC160-8 6-1/2" Classic Woofer | woofer dc160-8 6-1/2" woofer midbass dayton dayton audio dayton loudspeaker | Parts-Express.com Tweeter- Dayton DC28F-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeter | tweeter dc28f-8 silk dome tweeter dome tweeter soft dome dayton audio dayton loudspeaker dayton dayton silky daytweet-41108 daytontweets090109 last_chance_save_green | Parts-Express.com They don't sell the buyout 12" subs I bought, they were made by Eminence and incredible for $25
  4. I designed everything, I'll get you some part numbers and post pics of the complete system this weekend.
  5. Zaph|Audio - Bargain Aluminum MTM Would be a good set....
  6. I would also DIY the sub and monitors... You can't beat the bang for the $ if you go with a Dayton driver and amp.... I would honestly go that route before CSS or anything else, you'll just get more for your money, and that is what is sounds like you are doing. I would go with either the DVC or HF 12" driver and the 240 watt plate amp, even less power if you can afford a larger, vented box.... I would go with a CSS or DIY cable sub if you could find one used, though... That can be tough, they are high quality products people tend to hang on to... I would look into Zaph audio's site for monitor kits, he has pretty much streched the dollar as far as you can for hi-fi speakers... He has some designs that are under $100 to build a set, minus cabinets. Additionally, all of his designs are proven... You could also buy a set of the partsexpress cabinets for the monitors... They are better quality than anything you would find under $1000 a set in a retail stores....
  7. Well the good times are over.... P/E must have gotten smart about something, the wholesale and retail price of these drivers has now been adjusted, my price is the same as anyone else's now... LOL... It was to good to last...
  8. A gun should always be #1 on your list in this situation. Followed by #2 Water and #3 Food. The reason #1 is a gun is because #2 and #3 can be taken away from you if you don't have #1.... I built a kit at home in the states with 30 days of water and food (for entire family) including misc. sundries and an AK-47 w/1000 rounds of ammo and a .357 double action revolver w/250 rounds of ammo, all vacume sealed and ready to go.
  9. Well, I hooked it up last night. Everything seems reall nice so far. Audio is quite good... I haven't watched a Blu-ray yet, but I can tell a difference in the upscaling of my DVDs. It is really apparent with my daughters CGI dvds (lol)... All of the educational ones with shapes and vivid colors are more refined and less "hashy" when moving around.... I'll try a Blu-ray this weekend, I have to go rent one... Happy so far for the price.... Wouldn't have payed retail though....
  10. Gotta love Parts Express!
  11. Yes, pricey.. But considering the build quality and size of the motors.... Well it ain't cheap. Also, I have been using the 1808s and NRT18s from Aura for about 10 years, they have almost always been a grand a pop, I was surprised that they aren't much more now.... If anyone on the board is interested, I could get you these drivers at about 50% less than the price on the site. I won't charge anything for it, but I am not going to do it for anyone else other than regular contributors on here...
  12. Man,check out the TC sounds drivers at P/E. The Aura Pro woofer variant caught my eye. That Neo motor is one of the best ever made. I built some subs a few years ago using the NRT18s... 4 of them actually... Amazing subs.... The LMS actually have a usable Q now.... My price from P/E is actually 50% lower than the retail price on the web... Bonus! Subwoofers Engineered for Performance from TC Sounds I hope they keep it sorted and keep stuff rolling out the door. Finally a second alternative to the DIY cable/Adire love parade... lol...
  13. We'll see how it goes. I had borrowed a friends Samsung (one of the $299 ones from 2 years ago) and I really didn't care at all for the audio performance... It immediately sounded worse than the H/K front end I was using... Maybe the Sony's are better, but I didn't want to chance it this time. Being in Germany, I can't really return stuff to the states very easy if I am not happy with them, lol.. As for the TV, I have a 42" Samsung DLP. I am pretty sure it does 1080p, at least 1080i, I don't know, I have never cracked open the manual.
  14. Well I broke down and finally bought a blu-ray. I was primarily concerned witht he 2ch audio performance of the unit, I don't run any type of multichannel audio. I settled on the Pioneer bdp-51fd after much consideration, I think it has the best analog audio section of any of the sub-$500 players. I picked up a NIB one on e-bay for $225 shipped. The only real negative thing I have heard about these players is the excessive load time for both blu-ray and DVD. We'll see. I just didn't want to go buy some cheap Samsung or Sony for $200 instead and always be unhappy with the audio (I listen to music 90% of the time) I should have it in a week or so, I'll let you guys know how it sounds.