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  1. We are pleased to announce a discount coupon for all Home Audio Forum Members Use coupon code: HAF All the Best, PNF
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  3. Sell your receiver and buy this: Signal Path International - Era Speakers & Peachtree Audio - Peachtree Audio decco I have no affiliation with this company, but for this price, NOTHING touches this unit, NOTHING
  4. My web guy will have a link from my website to Home Audio Forum up today. Hopefully we can help grow this great website. Steve
  5. Thanks Guys. Look forward to share our passion with you guys. In the end we are dizzy with LUST for Audio Components and of course GREAT SOUND!!!
  6. I would look at Peachtree Audio. They have a few units that combine a USB DAC, Preamp and Amp all in one unit. The DAC uses a ESS Sabre.
  7. Se7en, What type of amplifier stands are those? They are GORGEOUS