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  1. My questions from the hop could be answered here
  2. If I did it, I'd change it to: shitmyself
  3. I think only Aaron can do that. Neal asked him to come and try
  4. Welcome! Todd you can come up and listen to mine...or perhaps I can get you into the plant in White Bear Lake
  5. They'll let you, just be sure to balance when inspections are and get real in wall shit so they don't scream. I rec'd monoprice
  6. One other thing. You sure you want to build a house right now?? IMO there are so many sweet buys right now that financially it is an "interesting" decision. I realize that is off topic, but you don't need to get locked into something and be upside down at your age.
  7. Negotiate to pull your own wires on top. They rape you and you need more. What room, what location, what goals...
  8. "interesting"
  9. srsly?
  10. Month if I had anytime without the kiddies.
  11. Projects: Clean boat, wax, sell Build sink, make sink base, trim bathroom Get "home theater" room ready for sheet rock Make a door where there isn't one now to go into the furnace room Prep and design the remodel above the garage to turn that space into a master closet/laundry room Rebuild a portion of my deck Take care of the fall leaves Split a tree that I downed in my yard - stack for drying Shop buy and install a new alarm panel Integrate it into my home automatoin Upgrade home pc to Win 7 Design/Build Tower speakers for the Wakeboard boat Change track on the snowmobile List keeps going....just a few off the top of my head
  12. Oh, and you are going to want that pan a lot hotter than 350F lol
  13. Definitely okay to do so. I regularly finish my cooking in the oven; however, don't think its more efficient as you now have to heat your whole oven up.
  14. Ouch, okay. Throw that away. It is terrible for cooking purposes and unhealthy. You don't want to eat Teflon. As for your fond comment (from another thread where you state you are making chili) you obviously will get zero from the teflon (which if it is used should never be used hot enough to do any browning), you can surely get it from cast iron. My recommendation however is to scrub as much of the seasoning off as you can and reseason those pans in the oven before attempting it. It might make your girlfriends grandma cry but I'd want to get all the old shit out and start from a clean slate. Otherwise whatever can be lifted off the bottom of that pan will end up in your sauce. As with any pan or cooking for that matter, getting the cooking surface up to temperature is really important before you put anything in it. The beauty of cast that you've never experienced before is that you can now heat your pan enough so that it won't cool beyond the cooking temperature when you put the food in. This will promote browning and flavor and is a must for any protein and most vegetation even. Just like you don't want to have the oil in your deep fryer drop to 200F when you put in your french fries, you do not want the temp of your pan to drop either. As for the crying grandma, she'll say your ruining her beautifully seasoned no stick pans and I'd say humbug, browning works better when it sticks. For most proteins this will also help you know when to flip. If they release from the pan, then feel free to flip them (*please dry all proteins with paper towel before entering the pan* --otherwise they'll stick for the wrong reasons). BTW this includes when you brown hamburger for chili or what not. Don't be the tool that stirs it all the time, but instead let it stick and when it releases flip it and let it stick again. You want surface texture and coloring. For instance, this is nasty and will taste like blah in stuff: Don't think because it is brown in color that this means the meat was browned. BTW, it is NOT possible to brown in a teflon pan. *exceptions always, but they are usually based on cheats like adding butter which browns easily etc. However, for the chili you are talking about making if you get a brown crust on your meat that looks like this: It'll taste awesome. I realize that isn't a hamburger, but it seems the world in general sucks at cooking. Do not search google for "browned hamburger" in the images section as you will only find pictures like the top one. Makes me sick as that brings no flavor to the meal and is basically steamed (read ruined) ground beef. The crust on the beef in the lower picture you should try to get all around the little "granules" of beef if they are ground, if you are using steak (yum) in the chili you reference earlier then you also need to rotate it so that all sides brown. For chili there is no need to cook it through as you will do that in the "sauce" but the browning cannot be done later. Another way to picture browning are the marks you get from a grill. THAT is browning and you want a lot of it
  15. Depends on your other pans and what you have for a stove. Generically speaking cast iron is great for anything that normally heat soaks a pan. IE, if you don't have enough energy from your stove to keep your pan hot cast is great at doing so. What it isn't good for is anything where you require quick changes to heat levels as it will stay hot for a very long time. Another common use for them is when you need to brown some protein that requires a lot of heat to make it so that you don't have to spend hours cleaning your pan. ie, putting a nice crust on a scallop. One time I don't use mine is when I am going to make a delicate pan sauce as the pan has a tendency to flavor the sauce. As a last aside, the seasoning isn't that big of a deal. Get 'er hot and add some oil. It'll take care of itself. No need to use soap to clean it, but it won't kill the pan either. Just make sure to get it really dry when you are done. I get mine hot on the stove again. What else do you have for pans and what type of stove?