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  1. When I 1st started out with putting together my own modest stereo system back in the early '70's, I bought a pair of good ol' 12" 3 way speakers. My 1st pair were the "acoustic suspension" type. They did not last long. I have since become a loyal fan of the "bass reflex" 3 ways. (I've gone through a few pairs of those due to feedback thru the tone arm). Fast forward 40 years to today. I bought a pair of Polk TSx550T's last year and couldn't be happier with them. I remember hearing, back in the olden days, that you should turn your speakers upside down every 6-12 months to prevent the woofer from sagging. Has anyone ever heard of that? I never bought into that idea. And flipping my Polks upside down would look kind of stupid with their feet in the air. Just wondering if any one does this these days.
  2. I'm just an old fart who likes good music. The only ones that can tell you if any speaker is any good are your ears. Just like speakers, no 2 sets of ears are alike. For example: I was told that Martin Logan's were great speakers. BestBuy wanted close to $2000 a piece for them. They sounded like crap to me. I found Polk TSx550's for <$900 a pair and they sounded as what I thought a decent speaker should be. But that's just me. Listen to the speakers you are considering with your eyes closed. Then decide if they sound good enough to pay the asking price. Happy listening!
  3. Well, the sub woofer came in a week early, so I can answer my own questions...no, no, and no. It is a BIC America F12 and sounds great, just what I was hoping for. Thanks anyway!
  4. I'll try to keep this brief. Back in the 70's, those glorious days of vinyl and 12" 3-ways, in my hardwood floor room I had problems with blowing out the circuit breakers on my speakers whenever I really pushed the volume. I came to learn that the sound was feeding back thru the turntable. Fast forward 40 years...I changed my mind and have a 12" sub coming next week via UPS. My 2.1 system is in a carpeted, draped and furniture laden living room. Question: When I crank the volume up, am I likely to have feedback thru the cd player?? I know I have to "tune" the sub woofer for "normal" listening. Would I need to find a way to isolate the cd player? Or will I find that I need to turn the sub down as the rest of the volume goes up? Or am I over thinking this? Or am I asking too many questions? Thanks!
  5. Gee, and all this time I thought it was shE bang.
  6. The receiver is a Yamaha RS 500. I also have an old Pioneer SX 828 that is still in 97% shape. It can do 3 pairs of speakers but only 2 pair at a time. I'm assuming that "//l" means parallel??? so, more speakers = more sound but not necessarily louder??? I like more!
  7. I recently retired my 40 year old, 2 channel stereo receiver, and picked up 1 with a little more oom-pa-pah. The spec's say it will put out 75 watts RMS per channel into 8ohm speak's. I just bought 2 new speakers (8 ohm) and the sound is superb. Both my old receiver and the new can power 2 sets of speakers at the same time. If I got another identical set of speakers, and ran all 4 of them at the same time, does the RMS wattage drop? Instead of 75 watts x 2, do I now get 37.5 watts x 4? (I seriously doubt that I would magically get 75 watts x 4). And how is the total volume of sound affected? Would they sound just as loud at a given volume? Or would the volume be diminished at each speaker? And if I got another set of speakers, would my wife forgive me?
  8. Well, I thought I'd report in. First off, thanks for your input. After placing the speakers where I wanted them, I have found that I really don't need a sub after all. They seem to have broken in a bit and sound a little more impressive every time I fire them up. I was convinced by a track of the "Dark Side of the Moon". I had the system cranked up and well, 1 tune scared the ba-cheesus out of me when that deep bass hit. Thanks again. I have a couple of other questions to post else where. See ya!
  9. Yeah, I'm not totally persuaded on getting an EQ. As for a sub woofer budget...I have champagne tastes, but only a beer budget. There's no way I'm dropping $500 on a sub. The reviews I have read on the cheapie subs say they tend to sound "muddy". A lot of folks seem to like the BIC F-12 sub. It sells for $150 t0 $200 online. I balk at going over $300 for a sub. Ideally, I'd like to listen to them B4 buying, but in S. Cal., that's not likely to happen. And now I've learned that I may have to "tune" the sub to or with my speakers. I have no real clue as to how high up or down on the bass frequency range I need to set it, 100Hz? 150? 200? 500? My musical tastes lean to alternative rock that's not so energetic, David Gilmour or the "calmer" Pink Floyd stuff for instance. However, I will fire up the old Led Zep for an occasional spin. The London Philharmonic symphony is always good, as is Steely Dan or any decent classic rock, or soft jazz or 1940's big band. Well, anything that is NOT rap, hiphop, or opera. Virtually all the reviews I see for subs are for use in a 5.1 or 7.1 HT. That's probably great for "Transformers" or crashing a fleet of helicopters with no mufflers into an atomic munitions dump, or blowing up a Death Star. I'm fixing to wait a few weeks B4 I decide to buy 1 or not. The more I listen to my new speakers, the more things I hear that never came out of my old 12" 3-ways. At my age, I'm not unwilling to re-train my ears to a possibly more accurate reproduction of bass tones. Maybe I just need to do a little bass withdrawal. or not.
  10. Well, I poked around this forum and I can see the vast majority of folks here own systems that would put my modest equipment to shame. I never heard of a lot of the brands mentioned here. No matter. I think I want a sub woofer to go with my 2.1 channel stereo. I have a Yamaha RS-500, a cd player, and I just purchased a pair of Polk TSx 550 speakers. With my budget, this is a "high end" system, as I always had low end, 12" 3 ways in the past. I managed to actually audition a few pairs of speakers from JBL, Infinity, Polk, and Klipsch. All in the <$500 range. All were towers. All left me feeling short-changed on the bass end, but the Polks sounded the best to my old ears. I thought about getting a graphic EQ to just gently tweak the bass up a tad. (I'm not looking to blow the roof off the house.) I learned that EQ's will help but will "veil" all the signals headed for the speakers. A little? a lot? So now I'm studying up on home subs. I've read a lot about speakers needing 40-50 hours of "break-in" time before the bass really settles in. Is this true? If so, do I really need a sub? I just want a little more bass is all. Others say to put the towers on the floor and pull them out from the wall about a foot or so. BTW, how far apart should they be? This is strictly for listening to music. Maybe I'll hook the TV up to the stereo at a later time...but I doubt it. I just don't need a HT to watch old Bogie flicks or the other stuff from the 40's and 50's that I tend to watch. So please humor me with my modest stuff and show me to the yellow brick road to sub woofer land. Thanks.
  11. Well, thank you both. After 40 years, maybe my ears are just too used to lower end speakers. Change is difficult for me. I don't see how two 6.5" speakers can sound as good as a 12". I'm also having doubts that my cd's sound as good to me as my old collection of vinyl. Aaaah, maybe I'll just go fishing instead.
  12. Hello, this is my first post on your forum so I hope I put it in the correct sub-forum. I'm soon to be 60 with old school tendencies. I'm strictly a 2 channel music guy. Lately it's lots of Pink Floyd, and mostly classic and alternative rock with a dash of classical music and Boston Pops thrown in. I recently replaced my aging Pioneer 828 with a Yamaha RS500. It's spec's say it puts out 75 watts RMS and about 105 watts peak at 8 ohms. I would like to replace my old speakers. Just 2 speakers, no sub woofers, no surround sound. I live in the Los Angeles area (sorta), and I can't get a lead as to where on Earth I can go and actually listen to and compare speakers like I was able to back in the early 1970's when stereo shops had speaker show rooms. I'm looking for a pair of 12", 3 way speakers. All I can find is reviews and opinions of speakers online. I'm leaning toward getting a pair of Cerwin Vega VE 12F's. They are rated by CV at 300 watts peak, and sensitivity is stated at 93db's. Does my Yamaha have enough oomph to power these speakers to a reasonably or even an unreasonably loud level??? Or maybe perhaps a pair of Infinity 363's??? or BIC??? But again, I have not been able to find a place to hear them. I have listened to some Klipsch speakers at Best Buy and was not impressed with them even though they had two 6" or 8" woofers and a sub woofer hooked up with them. My cheap, old, broken down KLH's sound better that the Klipsch's I heard. I know my stuff is nowhere near "high end" equipment and I'd like to keep the cost of the speakers under $600 a pair. Anyway, can anyone out there step up and tell me where to go??? to audition speakers, that is. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello and thanks for being here. It's been a while since I needed to look into the home audio market. Things have really changed! I'm just a simple, old school, 2.0 stereo listener to. I've come here in search of speaker info for a modest component stereo system. I'll sniff around and see what I can find. Thanks again.