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  1. Vagina.
  2. Neal, do you use glow sticks in your haunt? My son loves them and I'd like to pick some good quality ones up, not the crap I keep finding in retail stores and then the overpriced specialty shit at the gun and hunting shops.
  3. It'd only the most realistic racing game ever. At least I think. I bought F1 2010 last year and it was awesome, so I can only imagine the new one to be even better. GT5 is awesome as well and the only thing that makes it better is the multiple cars. I'm not a fan of the limited tracks though. The previous versions were better in this respect.
  4. I need to get another PS3 since the new F1 game is out.
  5. Didn't buy them, probably won't. Figured I'd better finish my other projects before I start a new one.
  6. It's basically just a flatter response with an ultra low f3. Sucks for music IMO, but great for movies.
  7. I had the Tempest in my first house in Adire's EBS enclosure, so I would assume the Brahma would perform even better. BTW, I have a 15" twelve-spoke basket lying around collecting dust if you need it.
  8. i am just doing it to do it. I've always wanted to build an array and seen so many of them with decent results with cheap ass drivers, so for $50, why the hell not? Trust me, if I were at all concerned about these being anywhere near sonically superb, I wouldn't be doing it. It's more or less just an experiment but I have no idea where to start. Chances are, once completed they will be sold to a local idiot, or used in the pole barn.
  9. Anyone know anything about designing a line array? I'm gonna get 24 of these puppies and play with them. Just have no idea where to start and Google was of no help. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&Partnumber=299-012&scqty=24
  10. I'm down to 162.
  11. It's at Staples.
  12. Will there be a lockout?
  13. I usually bake, or I guess you could consider it steaming since I wrap it in foil, or put a sheet of foil on the grates and grill it. I guess I should say I am just looking for a different way to prepare it. I usually just rub with EVOO, salt and pepper and then cover in pear slices.
  14. Ah, no cream (yuck) or Cajun. Spicy shit will not go well with my esophagus.
  15. It's probably my favorite fish. My parents bring some smoked catfish back from someplace in Branson when they go every year. It's so fucking awesome! I get a couple pounds and it's usually gone in a matter of weeks.