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  1. Welcome to the HOTS. >> Home Of The Spam. This is our version of the famous iHop, an open ended conversation with any member of the board that is off topic. Feel free to get out some spam in this topic or just speak freely. This keeps the random posts and spam in one location and keeps the board cleaner. If you do decide to spam for a little while, PLEASE MARK THE START AND END POINTS. Thanks. Now onward for the HOTS.
  2. After down time almost weekly as of late from our existing host who we've been with for years and years, in fact, I can't remember how long it's been so long, we have finally given up on them and changed to a new host. Our new dedicated box has 4 times the RAM, and twice the processor, also an SSD hard drive, so site load time and performance should be very notifiable. The move is all done, and SSA is now on the new dedicated server. The other forums are also, but I have to work out some php handler issues before they will be working properly. In the mean time, please enjoy our new forum, on a brand new dedicated server with our new host. I hope you are all as excited as Aaron and I are. It's been a long time in the making.
  3. Just wanted to give you guys a welcome to the site. Hopefully they will join up shortly, in the mean time, help me give them a great welcome to the site!
  4. As the topic states. How did you find us?
  5. We wanted to make it official and name our network of forums. To make it easier to browse between them all, we thought it would be a great idea to create a "tab like" header bar on every site, so you can flip between them quickly. Want to see it work?! Simply look at the top of the page and click away :)/> Enjoy our sites, sign up on them all, post questions, answers, build logs, for sale items or photos.
  6. welcome to the site.
  7. I'll post up some pics of the install we did at my house to get a bigger picture for when are watching movies at night.  LED 55" Samsung for the daytime.   Pics are soon to come..
  8. haha, it was her idea to get this going. I had one years ago, she loved it, wanted to see it again.
  9. Don't want to dissapoint, but it's more like a through together. I hung the screen in front of a mounted 55" LED Samsung, and then hung the projector, I hide the wire decent, but there is still work to be done on the whole setup, I have no real way to store my electronics yet..
  10. Is this the Samsung? I heard they have tv's that are 4 x's the current resolution. Very excited about this, hopefully it's a game changer. That is like IMAX resolution territory correct?
  11. I didn't forget, just out of site, out of mind type thing. I have been so busy this past year, my goal this year is to work smarter not harder. Hopefully spending more time on all the boards. Pics coming soon guys, it's not the greatest setup, but we like it.
  12. We are hoping this as well. Only time will tell though. Seems to be more posting here already though for what that is worth.
  13. Some sections are different, different look and feel, different member base.
  14. Likewise friend.
  15. You may need to clear your browser cache and reload the site. Let me know if you still have trouble.
  16. Pioneer Elite VSX-53TX I'll get some more pics and video of this thing in action maybe later today..
  17. Just thought I would start another conversation type thread were you state what you just watched, could be a cartoon, tv show, movie etc.
  18. the latest and greatest, should be a huge upgrade for bugs and IE issues etc... Enjoy I will get a skin up here by the end of the day.
  19. 41 years old today!
  20. Just got done installing the new IPB 3.2 + Gallery + Calenday + Chat Room. Lots of great new features! Have a look around, invite your friends, come share your photos! Welcome to the new and improved!
  21. we have to stay on top of things
  22. Up for sale is my lightly used Polk Audio DSW microPRO 4000. This sub was on HT duty in my theatre for about a year. Due to a cross country move and lack of space, it's got-to-go! This sub comes with everything you see in my pictures below.Subwoofer and power cord. Bid with confidence! Product Page & Info: Paypal Address:
  23. Yeah, I hear that. Sold for $800 on Ebay. Was very sad to see it go bye bye.
  24. updated the board to v3.2! Great new software