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    well here's a short history of this projector. The bulb blew out on it after only 600hrs of use due to a bad fan or two in the unit. I sent it in to Optoma, they replaced the fans under warranty but refused to fix the bulb saying it only has a 90 day warranty and didn't want to acknowledge the fact that it blew as a result of their defective fans. fast forward > I put a new bulb in the projector all works fine except for....the hdmi imput on it. Which imo is the best feature of this thing. Now I have it hooked up to my PS3 for bluray, but apparently the ps3 will only output a 1080p signal while playing bluray if and only if it's hooked up via hdmi. Which gives me a small problem. I call optoma and they tell me this isn't possible lol. ah ok. no what do I do with it? any suggestions?